A Gaiter for Change


It has come to light that racial injustice and cultural barriers are still prominent in our country. These social issues are what affect our communities and transcend to our daily lives.

That is why we have partnered with Creative Strategies for Change to help pay it back to our community. The mission of Creative Strategies for Change is to support innovation, correct racial injustice in our society, and tear down the cultural barriers that have existed for so long. We believe that by fostering young minds from diverse backgrounds, we can help pave the way for a better future.
We are committed to our “Better Together” core value that extends beyond our team to our community.

Please donate today and be part of our #BetterTogether vision to create a community of equality and unity. 100% of every donation will go towards Creative Strategies for Change. Donate $20 or more, to receive a custom “Better Together” gaiter to wear proudly when out in your community.

The ultra-lightweight super soft gaiter packs away easily and will protect you when you are at the store or just on a hike.

Protects against wind
Helps Filter Droplets and other airborne Impurities
Blocks 90% of UV rays